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The Comparison Everyone Wants to Make: Evangelion vs. Pacific Rim

Ever since the first trailer for Pacific Rim went up (and possibly even before that) people have been comparing Guillermo del Toro's new kaiju vs. mecha film with Hideaki Anno's decades-older mecha TV series. For some, it's been a kind of praise ("oh my god, Pacific Rim looks so awesome, it's just like Eva"). For others it's been a way of snidely dismissing the movie ("Eva did it first and better"). Never mind that all these comments were made long before the film was ever released; it seemed to be the conversation that people wanted to have.

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coolbeans1823d ago

It essentially goes back to the age-old question of what is actually original. This, that, and the other have been taken and re-calibrated in some way to fit a different genre in today's world that were probably conceptualized--in a certain sense--from tales forged centuries ago, if not longer.