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Summer 2013 Anime Recommendations

With two sequels of garbage anime airing this summer in High School DxD New and Tamayura: More Aggressive as well as sequels of franchises Marlin thought had been lost to the abyss of time like Genshiken, The World God Only Knows and Rozen Maiden, he didn’t have high hopes for this season. But Marlin is pleasantly surprised to be wrong because there are some really fun and quirky titles that have made his watch list for summer 2013.

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DELETED2741766d ago

Attack on Titan is too slow for him...

MonChiChi1766d ago

I like the pace Titan has taken, more character development is a + for me. I will admit recap ep disappointed me but that's in the past!

DELETED2741766d ago

When i see a recap episode I try to think of the animators having a deserved break ;)

cleft51766d ago

With slow pace animes like that one, I just wait a few months and then watch all the episodes at once. It's great that way, but obviously most people don't operate like that.

Zichu1766d ago

I tend to do the same. The only anime series I have been watching on a weekly basis is One Piece.

I was doing the same with Fairy Tail and Toriko, but then I started to get muddled up with the stories or just completely forgetting what was happening.

I'm currently on episode 125 in Fairy Tail, but I stopped a while ago. I'm planning on watching from the beginning of the arc because I was watching each episode weekly and forgetting what was happening. I was more concentrated on One Piece and have been for several years now.

I do try to look up new anime series, either from here or from AnimeNewsNetwork and add them to my list of interest. I will usually wait till every episode is released and then watch the series and have been doing that for a while now. It's very effective because I can concentrate on that story and enjoy it to the fullest.

Squirtleiscool1766d ago

I have to agree with him that Attack on titan is sort of like a zombie apocalypse, but the story can still be amazing which it is. Things like the maneuver gear and swords is a replacement for guns is pretty different to me. In a sense it could be slow pace in the sense that he wants the story to move on faster within 26 episodes. But that's what new seasons are for right?

DELETED2741766d ago

it's not empty trash hollywood zombie apocalypse... there's politics, plot twist and great exploration of human nature. I feel that his tone was really dismissive and placing Fate/kaleid at number 3 is probably all I need to know about his opinion. oh well

NovusTerminus1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Attack on Titan had to slow down for abit, the Battle for Trost ran 9 episodes. they had to take some time and develop everything some more.

RE_L_MAYER1766d ago

whats attack of the titans about? everyone talking about it

Qrphe1766d ago

On Spring I followed 4 shows for the first time in 5 years. It looks like I'll only follow Attack on Titan this Summer.

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