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Anime Top 5: WTF?!?!

Anyone who watches Anime can tell you that there is probably an anime for everything. You might also know that there are some very “special” individuals out in the who have Idea’s that somehow, through method’s that are hidden in the shadows of Japan, somehow managed to get funded and developed as an anime. An Anime that will blow all common sense out the Window and leave you staring at a Blank TV an hour after the show has ended.

Whether its cross-dressing guys or a gun-toting hyper aging baby, this is the top 5 weirdest Anime.

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deep_fried_bum_cake1731d ago

I think that may be a different kind of WTF anime than what this list is going for.

ExCest1731d ago


That show was just wtf all over.

ExCest1731d ago

And Ben-To. You don't get a more stupid plot for a fighter than that.