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Phantasy Star Online 2 Gets 107,259 Players Connected at the Same Time, Breaks Record

Sega just announced that on July the 24th at 10:40 PM local time the Japanese servers of Phantasy Star Online 2 broke their previous concurrent connected players record with 107,259 people playing at the same time-

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MonChiChi1795d ago

How many were western players? This is the reason I really dislike Sega. This game is no where in sight of coming west after being announced then delayed. If this ever is released, it will be PSO western treatment all over again.

Abriael1794d ago

I totally agree with this, i'm losing respect with them every day we don't get this, yakuza 5 and valkyria 3

Lord_Sloth1794d ago

Fine. When are we getting it?

ExCest1794d ago

I'd jump back into this game if they manage to finally bring it to US and on the vita.