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Hellsing Ultimate (Volumes I - IV) - Anime Review [The Nerd Cabinet]

"The rogue vampire Alucard is the Hellsing Organization's deadliest instrument in its mission to protect the British Empire from satanic ghouls and Nazi freaks. He is not alone in his assault on the occult; the master has a servant. Policewoman Seras Victoria accepted Alucard's gift of dark salvation after falling in the line of duty, and now the remnants of her human soul struggle against her growing vampire urges. Together, they haunt the shadows as a sinister force of good - and tonight the foggy streets of England shall flow with the blood of their evil prey."

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wishingW3L1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

3/5 to one of the greatest anime ever made... And it's even sadder when you compare it to their other reviews of garbage anime like "K-On" with 5/5 stars, "Is this a Zombie?" 4/5 or "Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere" 4/5. WTF, talking about awful taste and moetards. ;___;

ExCest1732d ago

I liked Is this a Zombie...

But yea, Hellsing Ultimate was a looot better than those three. It's one of the few anime that managed to keep me excited for the next episode.

BlackPrince 421731d ago

Admittedly, Vol. 1-3 had a lot of problems (uneven writing, bad pacing, bad editing, the omission of a few character building scenes).

Vol. 4 of course, fixed nearly all of that.

But hey, even when the show isn't being stratospherically awesome (like in Volumes 5-8), you can pick out probably half a dozen or more absolutely iconic money shots from the show. (I'm thinking Level 1 Alucard vs. Luke Valentine, Alucard extending his arms upward, the silhouette of Alucard against the burning wreckage of the Blackbird, Alucard kicking in Alhambra's knee, etc.)

No other anime can pack moments like those so densely together.