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One Piece‘s Creator Still Sidelined Amid Concerns

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, skipped the deadline for several issues of his popular manga earlier this spring due to illness. It seems he is still recovering.

According to the latest issue of Shonen Jump, which One Piece missed, the manga will also be missing the next issue.

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RedHawkX1792d ago

he is a bubble boy lool. oda has been sick and hurt and crap in 2 years more then i have been in my whole life and I played sports year around in all kinds of bad weathers and work construction and or physical jobs my whole life. not only that but i was in roll over car crash and still missed less then 1 month of work and i had a fractured neck. when this son of a b*tch is healed he needs to grind out 20 chapters non stop. he been doing manga chapters so long and with a team it shouldnt take more then 2-3 weeks to write 20 chapters with illustrations. i mean seriously. its not like hes doing animation where you have to draw a bazillion pictures of your character in different movements. these are still pictures and not very detailed or even in color. basically sketches man.

coolasj1792d ago

It's obvious and sad you have no sense of the time and effort that goes into these chapters. You're also ignorant of how horrid Japanese work conditions are. Educate yourself and stop trolling.

Mounce1792d ago

I'd fucking tell Oda to take a fucking Month off and that his true fans will wait diligently. We'd rather have him recuperate than to burn out, get worse and suffer just because he feels he has fans and responsibilities that can't be let down.

Especially if his Time/Work schedule is true. That's just unfair especially how he's able to work so hard yet keep the story ever-so-fucking fresh and intriguing and not be like Bleach or Naruto where the main character uses the same fucking move every fight to win it. Every Big Boss fight always is unique in some form.

kingPoS1792d ago

No just No

I don't why you see mangaka that way. Maybe you recall that he's being at this for how many years.

That's obviously dedication to something he enjoys.

OJSoFunky1792d ago

He gets 3 hours sleep a night you idiot, he works a lot harder than you

pompombrum1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

He lives off of just 3 hours sleep a night.. I respect mangaka and the dedication that comes with it but that's full blown retard. It's no wonder he is ill. The worth ethic the Japanese (and most East Asian countries from my experience)have is nothing short of remarkable but there is a line that needs to be drawn.

I guess this sort of thing makes me more appreciative of Western cultue... if someone famous was working on 3 hours sleep a night constantly and got ill from it, there would be a media uproar but then again, I don't think people from Western cultures have it in them to work that hard anyway.. in England at least.

coolbeans1792d ago

Is it really fair to say that against him? Most of us honestly have little idea what possible problems, whether it be mental, physical, etc., he could be suffering from work.

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deep_fried_bum_cake1792d ago

Why must Oda endanger his health just to spite me and deny me my Piece?!

Hopefully he gets better and considers taking a crack at getting more sleep.

Trunkz Jr1792d ago

Poor One Piece fans, now try being an HXH fan and having to wait over a year for a manga release.

Tony-Red-Grave1792d ago

When was the last release for a D grey man chapter? I forgot who the author was but heard she was sick alot more than oda is.

mt1792d ago

oda don't overdo it ... please take 1 month or even 2 months or more if it means you will get better. gosh I can't imagine one piece without oda.

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