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Luke's Summer 2013 Anime Picks

Luke Halliday writes:

"The Summer 2013 anime season is here and like I did previously for Winter 2013 and Spring 2013, I will be detailing my top picks for Summer 2013. After trawling through the expansive list of series that have premiered this season, looking far and wide for something to wow me, I found myself pleasantly surprised by a multitude of series. For a season that from the outlook appeared to be unimpressive, I am undoubtedly impressed. Without further adieu, these are the series that I will be watching this season of anime."

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koga881729d ago

Hm... most of these shows really aren't my type. There is a distinct last of fan-service and cute girl shows...

futurefrog1729d ago

Not enough boobs I reckon, you are right koga88