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76 Screenshots of J-Stars Victory VS

A host of screenshots from the Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, and One Piece crossover game.

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tayz1760d ago

beautiful, beautiful!!!

TXIDarkAvenger1760d ago

How can I play this though? I feel like it won't come here to NA.

Lavalamp1760d ago

It's coming out for two region-free platforms from a publisher that doesn't have an online-pass policy. And coupled with the fact that it's a fighting game rather than something more heavy on story, this will be a very import-friendly title.

tayz1760d ago

lavalamp-sama, will u be getting this!? if so, i challenge u to a battle of truth!!!

Lavalamp1760d ago

I'm considering it but I haven't decided just yet. If I do, I certainly won't back down from a challenge ;D

Varzoth1760d ago

God I would be so happy if this was released in the US. I'm sure it wont be though...

tayz1760d ago

theyd be crazy not to release tis here. i am still importing either way

ZeroX98761760d ago

There's so many possible characters, I'm hoping for more than what we saw.
BUT, I prefer a select few with awesome fighting mechanics than a whole lot of not-so-good characters.