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KFC and One Piece Create Ice Cream Makers

Japanese KFC customers will be getting a little extra treat when they next order their chicken.

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masterabbott1697d ago

This is sooo cool i want to get one of these!

MonChiChi1696d ago

Yea, a real fun concept. I want one now too!

worldwidegaming1696d ago

Gonna go to KFC today and pick one up!
Japanese sure love dark meat, i was like where is the breast meat?

chadwarden1696d ago

One piece sheep will buy anything with their god luffy on it.

worldwidegaming1695d ago

Wow! KFC in japan sucks! So much oil and the taste, god! It was nasty! Got luffy and chopper!
Was it worth it? Good for some gifts back home in the states!