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TOP 5 Bleach Anime Openings Themes

The Tyuno Project: "Bleach is beloved by many for it’s story and action, but one feature that continues to get fans excited would have to be the opening sequences. These opening themes have continue to grow popularity over the years, so I figure I would create a list of my favorite opening themes. With that being said, here are my TOP 5 opening themes from the popular anime, Bleach."

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1784d ago

My top 5 openings-
*~Asterisk~(op 1)
Ichirin no Hana(op 3)
After Dark(op 7)
Ranbu no Melody(op 13)
Harukaze(op 15)

orange_DeathBerry1783d ago

My Top 5

1. D-tecnoLife: (I became a huuuge fan of UVERworld when I heard this opening for the first time)
2. Alones
3. Ranbu no Melody
4. *~Asterisk~
5. Velonica