Have Japanese Art Styles Gotten Better? Or Worse?

Kotaku: ''Time marches on. Things change. So do styles. But how did Japan's animation and manga styles evolve?''

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ExCest1179d ago

It's gotten more diversified; that's for sure.

andrewer1179d ago

I like way more classic anime style than modern ones...

wishingW3L1179d ago

the art of most modern anime it's just so generic you can't even tell apart one show from the other.

blitzburns41179d ago

My favorite anime is from the 90s, but there is indisputably some great anime in recent years.

Lord_Sloth1179d ago

Depends on the show in question really. I just don't care for giant eyes on 4 year olds.

Example: Lucky Star

There are, however some modern anime with better artistic styles for a more mature look.

Example: Baccano!

However, examples of styles from older anime can be bad and good as well.

Examples: Voltron and Akira