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This Anime Season Sucks

The Anime Blog Reviews: ''I was gonna start this article apologizing for not posting more on here… however I don’t really feel guilty about it. I mean seriously though, there’s only like one good show and 3 watchable one? I don’t want to be the annoying brat complaining that everything sucks… but that’s pretty much the case isn’t it?''

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Abriael1751d ago

I have to agree... it's really low profile. Here's hoping for the next

gaffyh1751d ago

I don't get why people like Blood Lad, it is a pile of shit. I watched one episode and gave up on it. It's not funny and it's not good in any way.

ExCest1751d ago

Well, Watamote is a show about how WRONG she is about herself. The comedy stems from that and how people can relate to her and whatnot. That's what I can get from what my friends tell me and what I've researched.

And this season is a sequel season. It's really only good for the people who are looking for sequels (that would include me). The shows that are new though are pretty interesting for the most part.

But, then again I have no say in all this since I wait for blurays and don't follow shows week by week.

DELETED2741751d ago

Her lines are still very misogynistic... and in the last episode she was hoping to get rape in the train ? I mean I can't even process that. I'm dropping it