Netflix Streams Both Digimon Adventure Seasons in Japanese

Anime News Network: ''The online movie rental and streaming company Netflix has added both the subtitled Japanese and English-dubbed versions of Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 to its instant streaming catalog. The release marks the first time the Japanese version of first series has been made legally available in the United States.''

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Gekko1785d ago

It's too bad New Video Group or even Madman Entertainment didn't do this with their releases of Digimon but its better late than never.

Hergula1785d ago

Digimon is a phenomenal show, and I mean it.

ZetsubouJ1784d ago

I was soooo stoked when I read this article that I went straight to Netflix to watch it... sadly I stopped half way into episode 1. I, I can't do it. It just doesn't sound like Digimon in my head. The Japanese dub is fine, but all the music and sound effects just sound wrong.

*sigh* I've waited so long to watch Digimon in Japanese, only to have it ruined by nostalgia... damn it.

Hergula1784d ago

But that's understandable though, I also prefer the English dub in Digimon over Japanese, largely cuz of the memories when watchin it as kid.