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Kaze no Stigma Anime Show Review | Anime Kida

A few months ago, I watched Kaze no Stigma. It is one of those relationship shows. It does not an ending per say. Rather, the main characters grow a bit closer to each other. What I liked best about Kaze no Stigma was the flashy magic. I always like my magic users real flashy. Anyhow, the show is about two magic users.

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Hergula1720d ago

I would have liked it to be a bit longer, and have more text, but all in all it was an entertaining read.

CrescentFang1720d ago

Too bad it will never be continued... an adaptation of a LN, the author passed away... I had great memories of this show. It was animated very nicely and even though I don't like to watch LN adaptations, this was a pretty nice show on it's own even though I didn't read the LN.

wishingW3L1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

easily one of the most mediocre anime I've seen in recent years. These anime reviewers have such a bad taste.... -__-

This anime has extremely weak writing, iffy plot, main protagonist is too strong for most of his fights to be interesting, etc. The only good thing it ha going for it is some good background art and that's it.


blitzburns41719d ago

My biggest issue is that the anime has a conflict of interests. This show honestly sets itself up to be one of the best dark/tragedy type animes of the past decade...But then becomes a very typical melodrama. It's one of those shows that had such great potential...