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Intrigue In The Bakumatsu Part 2 Review [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese writes:

Samurai, Geisha, Peasants and Lords; That’s Edo for you. Intrigue In The Bakumatsu romanticizes about this era without romanticizing too much about this era…I get it, hard to understand but it will all make sense soon enough. Mixing deep the deep history of Tokyo(Edo) and a great deal of supernatural presence this series is bound to confuse you in a way that I really wouldn’t consider bad. Action, adventure and the Eternal Assassin.

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koga881689d ago

Hm... the Bakumatsu era... I've seen plenty of series that have likely done this one better and it looks like an older property so I'll be giving it a pass. Mostly into the Sengoku era myself.

F-Inglese-941689d ago

I do like the whole Sengoku Era too. This was still a nice one though.

futurefrog1689d ago

very intrigueing that bakumatsu!

Subby1689d ago

Edo was an awesome era, right at the advent of the white barbarians and new religions threatening to tear Japan apart.