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I Cannot Stop Thinking About “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo” Despite its Obvious Flaws

Anime Viking writes:

"Something has been wrong with me lately. There is this little anime I cannot get out of my head. With each new day I think of it more and more. I become all excited and happy about it for no apparent reason.

I think I may have gone mad.

I might love Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo."

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deep_fried_bum_cake1957d ago

I know that I loved Sakurasou. It definitely had some problems, the main ones for me being the rehashed drama (i.e. the had a wee cry over something 8 episodes ago, why are they crying over the exact same crap?) and the often stupid reactions of the characters (mainly Sorata), but it certainly hooked me nonetheless. I found that after each episode I was bemoaning the fact that the next one wasn't out.

It has it's flaws but I am eagerly awaiting a second season.

Marow1957d ago

Let's hope it gets one.

DivineHand1251956d ago

I hate it when people criticize something without giving examples. So people like me who sees very little flaws in the anime can't see where the critic is coming from with his/her argument.
To me Sakurasou almost a master piece with the only flaw being the character Jin. The only segments of the show i didn't like were the ones that featured him. IMO he is the most pathetic character in the whole show due to the life he choose to lead and Misaki must be really something to wait patiently for him all these years but then again she was seen as a broken person so no one tried to hit on her the whole time.