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CLAMP Illustrates "Code Geass" Blu-ray Box Art


While Code Geass was certainly successful in establishing its own brand, going into the 2006 anime, a key selling point was original character designs by manga superstars CLAMP. Along those lines, the headline feature of a new Blu-ray box set, due to be released in Japan September 25th, is a new 5.1 channel surround sound audio mix, versus the TV's series. However, while we can't sample that yet, we can see the box art illustration from CLAMP.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

I bought the series on DVD already if it gets picked up again i might buy it on blu ray tho. Glad I got them before Bandai went under. I missed out on Getting Eureka 7 tho