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Phantasy Star Online 2: Tired of Waiting for Sega’s Localization? Here’s How to Play In English

The localization of Phantasy Star Online 2 by Sega West has become somewhat of a running joke between the fans of the game. Of course it’s that kind of sad joke that doesn’t make you laugh, but makes you cringe instead.

Luckily a group of fans of the game got sick and tired of waiting, and started working on a fan translation that allows players that aren’t afraid of doing a bit of tinkering to play the game on the Japanese servers with almost no effort and with an almost full English translation.

Here's a guide on how to install it, patch it, and get it ready for playing.

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mukyoucom1780d ago

Surprised this is still a thing. Most fans should know this all ready

Michael-Ship 2 Block 20 podcast.

DivineHand1251779d ago

I've been waiting for the localization from since the game was announced and after a few years of waiting i tried to play on the japanese servers but couldn't enjoy it to its fullest for three reasons.

1) The english patch didn't translate every single thing in the game so their were a few parts that was confusing.

2) There was a fear of being banned by speaking english inside the lobby.

3) PSO is a game you enjoy with other people and since I couldn't speak freely in the lobby, that destroyed any chance of me finding people to play with so I got bored and uninstalled.

Abriael1779d ago

Now the English patch translates almost everything, and there are several English speaking teams, so playing with others is not a problem :D