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Reel Anime 2013 In Cinemas September and October

Frank Inglese Writes:

The Australian Anime distributor Madman Entertainment are extremely excited to announce the final dates and the cinema screening details for it’s successful REEL ANIME 2013 theatrical festival! Adelaide will be a place full of lucky people this time around because REEL ANIME 2013 is hitting them on the 26th of September while the rest of us (everywhere else) will be getting some sweet anime action on the 3rd of October. The New Zealand leg of the festival are even luckier with the program opening up in Christchurch on the 19th of September with Auckland and Wellington getting it on the 26th of September.

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masterabbott1743d ago

Reel Anime is great, awesome props to MADMAN for getting this organized for us Anime fans!

1742d ago
Subby1743d ago

The selection is awesome this year. Rewatching Eva 3.0 and Garden of Words for sure!