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The Ending of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Sucked

Frog-kun has chosen to translate a few pages here and there to give a bit of an indication of how the plot goes of the final volume of Sakurasou. Obviously, don’t read this post if you don’t want to get spoiled.

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MouseUK1712d ago

I want to read it.... But I don't want to read it as its a spoiler... But I want to know the ending...

So torn...

Can anyone say why its bad without giving it away? Torn!

Gekko1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

At first glance I thought he was just mad because "the best girl" loses but after scrolling down it turns out that wasn't his only reason. I guess it's because volume 10 does a complete U-turn over the happy ending volume 9 has but then tries to give you that happy ending back at the last minute.

MouseUK1712d ago

Thanks Gekko :)

So potentially a rushed ending?

I guess at least with the girl thing, you can't please everyone with the "best girl" as I'm sure different people have different ideas of which girl they would prefer to be the winner.