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The Anime Experience - Top 5 Most Overrated Anime

This particular Top 5 is about the anime that Danny considers to be overrated, however, he would like to make one thing very clear about this list. While these may be the five anime he feels are overrated, that does not mean that all of the anime on this list are bad.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1742d ago

I said it before but Naruto and Bleach are better mangas. The Filler arcs prevent me from watching the anime most of the time. However I do come back for some parts once fillers are over. Even manga wise Bleach and Naruto do have their boring parts but I still find them enjoyable to read.

Harkins17211741d ago

I agree completely. And its the same thing year after year. There great anime! They're overrated..., Then there great then they suck.

gaffyh1741d ago

I personally don't judge an anime by the fillers, ever. If you know there are fillers, you either avoid them, or watch them knowing that this is simply a tactic to allow the manga to get ahead, so you can get back to canon. I have always done this, and it means I can actually enjoy anime a lot more, because I judge the anime by the main story and not by the fillers, no matter what.

Baka-akaB1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

my issues with the bleach and naruto anime arent just fillers . They completely lack the oomph of their original manga for the most parts .

It got to do with only a few feight being truly outstandly animated to begin with , sometimes obvious over inked scenes from manga that can't translate as well , or simply a lack of direction skills from this built in kits and comittee animes .

I remember the pressive feeling you had from Ichigo just entering Kenpachi's lair , and the great reveal then the fight . In the anime it was just business as usual .

I'm convinced that with better teams , even doing the same fillers that would remain crap , some other teams would do better . Hell One piece got horrible fillers to , but the main meat and anime is done with flair and very well , by Toei .

ExCest1742d ago

I think Haruhi is overrated.

It's a great show, just not so great that it deserves so much attention over other shows. I mean, it gets a hell of a lot of attention.

wishingW3L1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Slayer? Didn't even know it was high rated, I thought it was just some small cult following and that's it. XD

Hergula1742d ago

Naruto is extremely overrated....

Voozi1741d ago

While I don't disagree, this is coming from a person with a SEED avatar ;)

Hergula1741d ago

So? SEED is not as popular as Naruto is, making ur comment completely moot, and very offensive as it is not true.

I like Seed, I never said it was good, well created, or popular. disrespectful...

johny51741d ago

I agree with Naruto it was mostly inspired by a way better anime/manga "Dragonball" even though Dragonball Z had many filler arcs it at least was enjoyable to the lore or added significantly that it complimented the source material and even still the overall Anime didn't stretch pass ten seasons.

if you want proof simply look at Dragonball Kai compared to the original series it simply striped away all the charm the Anime had probably because it was never made to be an exact copy of the manga in the first place!

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The story is too old to be commented.