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Quest Quorner: Sailor Moon: Another Story

Finally, we get a game that actually fits the franchise. Does that make it the best of the lot, however?

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JD_Shadow1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Sadly, there are some flaws with this review, mainly that thing about the difficulty. The reviewer is saying that in one of the one-on-one battles (which, by the way, the separation of the Sailors only happens in Chapter 2 of the story, there are 5 in all and only one chapter forces the solo "missions"), he took several minutes to down a boss, then only three hits to down another in the same chapter.

What he DIDN'T mention was that the game does feature an equipment system that punishes you greatly if you don't manage your gear properly. In each of the solo scenarios, there are new pieces of equipment that each Sailor can get while in the locals. These help out immensely in the battles, and I don't know what he did to make the Mars scenario any easier, because he didn't mention that the game can also punish you for not taking the time to grind out XP during those sequences (and each Sailor should be at around level 16/17 by the time you get to the scenarios, and Sailors don't get the XP that other Sailors get when you switch to a different scenario). One gained level does make a good bit of difference in the game (I know because I saw that when I gained a level in the Mercury scenario (17 to 18), the mobs went down easier, as I had the same issue with that boss in her scenario, and I was able to down the boss in half the time it would've took me otherwise).

The formation system isn't as complicated as it's made out to be, either. Each formation gives certain Sailors in a particular slot in the formation protection. For instance, the cluster formation allows the Sailor in the center to gain a bonus in defense. So if you had, say, a Sailor with a weak defense rating, then you should get her into the back most row of a formation, or the center of the cluster formation. He mentions how complicated it is, but think of the amount of depth some RPGs have with their combat systems, as well. The formation system is not any more complicated than, say, Final Fantasy 13/13-2's Paradigm Shift system.

paradiseandfaries1745d ago

yes, there is an equipment system in the game i didn't mention. the main reason was that it wasn't any more complex than pretty much any other rpg of it's day. as far as that first boss goes, yes, if you over grind it, it can take less time, however, i was recounting my experience with it. it's perfectly possible i missed something to make the encounter easier. still doesn't change the fact that time stop utterly breaks the game. also, for it's time, it was a complex formation system. comparing it to games that came out over a decade later proves my point there. Finally, yes there are 5 chapters and all of the solo missions are only in chapter 2, but i still contend that 40% of the actual play time is spent on solo affairs. still, i do appreciate your comment. thanks for watching the video. ^_^