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Anime Vs Cartoons: Is There Really A Clear Distiction?

For most fans and followers in the “Anime” Community, anime is anime and cartoons are cartoons. In other-words, if is not conceptualized, produced, and bred in Japan – it is not anime and rather anything foreign that borrows that moniker is simply anime-themed or confusing called (by the annals of the all-mighty Wikipedia) “Anime-influenced animation“. However, after looking at the two as separate entities and as one and the same, honestly, there is not that much of a clear distinction; whether it be on a surface level or deeper contextual one expect for a few nuances and ideologies.

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wishingW3L1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

really big difference indeed. Not only in style but in the kind of stories that they tell, and not to mention that anime acknowledges sexuality and violence, something that cartoons avoid at all cost.