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Meet Live Star of Live-Action "Watamote" Promo

So far, there's no plan for a live-action Watamote series. However, manga publisher GanGan Online has produced a live-action promo, and just photos from that have lead to a bit of internet fame and 2ch celebrity status for its Tomoko Kuroki, 17 year old Arisa Kanzawa.

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D3acon1764d ago

I love this series, it makes me mad that a possible english dub or anime to be released in the U.S. would be like a year away. I think this is the only anime on crunchyroll I go back and rewatch the episodes and every time I say "that poor girl."

MangaTherapy1761d ago

Only thing for certain is that we have the manga being released in English by Yen Press!

D3acon1761d ago

Thanks for that, I may actually start on this manga. I don't know what it is about anime characters failing. Just like Welcome to the NHK. *sigh* That poor girl.

MangaTherapy1760d ago

Yeah, I read the manga first before the anime. It gained popularity on 4ch and here we are.