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The Impact of Women on Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

"Have you ever noticed how men tend to act differently when they are around women? Compared to when they are not near or are influenced by them, men become gentler and/or may become crazier. In Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of anime/manga's most memorable fathers, Gendo Ikari, falls right into this shell.

He treats his son, Shinji Ikari, like garbage while treating one of his soldiers, Rei Ayanami, like a goddess. In addition to that, Gendo's actions throughout the series have been motivated by his dead wife. His story is quite a look at how men transform when a women is involved in their lives."

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MissyF1700d ago

This is great. Neon Genesis Evangelion got me started on anime, and I love reading the theory behind it! Thanks for sharing.

There will be a drawing for some figurines in September and October, if you happen to be in Japan!

MangaTherapy1699d ago

Thanks! And those figures look nice!