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J-Stars Victory VS: Sasuke, Vegeta, Zebra Confirmed

Two brand new characters have been confirmed in the anime/manga crossover game.

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tayz1511d ago


christian hour1511d ago

Hey I'm not that well versed in Anime as most people would be on this site and I was hoping someone could answer my question.

Who's the White haired saijan looking guy in the bottom left?

It kinda looks like Goku but with his hair from the DB AF april fools thingy.

ZetsubouJ1511d ago

That's Devil Yusuke, from Yu Yu Hakusho.

If you haven't seen YYH yet, rectify that. It's awesome!

kingrj1511d ago

Wow, great news to wake up to

tayz1511d ago

I KNOW RIGHT!!!?! MY NOSEBLEED IS BACK ONCE AGAIN!!! This hasn't happened since Storm 3 came out!!!!

VitaOwner1511d ago

Such a great day for manga/anime fans! The new chapter of Naruto that came out today was awesome and now this news. I need a release date, importing this for both my Vita and PS3!

Lord_Sloth1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Can we get a little Attack on Titan in there? And I'm still waitin for Allen Walker.

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