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Fairy Tail" Manga Creator Hiro Mashima Draws Hatsune Miku CD Illustrations

It was officially revealed on August 27 that Hiro Mashima, the original manga creator of RAVE and Fairy Tail, drew the cover illustrations for the upcoming vocaloid compilation singles "PASSING DAYS" and "COMING DAYS." Both singles contain two new collaboration songs (with two instrumentals of the songs) by popular vocaloid song creators such as DECO*27, 40mP, Zanio, Utata-P, sasakure.UK, OSTER project, Kikuo, and ATOLS. The single will be released in FamilyMart's "Miku LOVES Famima♪Campaign 2nd" on September 3rd.

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MouseUK1699d ago

Reminds me of Wendy from fairy tail ;)