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QuantumGamer Guilty Crown English Dub Review

A ton of people are anti english dub and I get that and understand why some are. Some dubs are just terrible, the actors don’t match the characters, and everything just seems off. But, with Guilty Crown, I didn’t feel that way at all. The english dubs actors matched the characters very well. I’ll admit, the main reason I fell in love with this anime is that sweet Inori and I thought she was just as sweet in the english dubbed version. They really did well I think! The Japanese voice for Inori is done by Ai Kayano and I felt the job was done very well. Although I cannot understand Japanese, I can still tell that the voice went very well with Inori. Now, Alexis Tipton did the english dubbing voice for Inori and I got the same feel I got from Ai Kayano. - Alec, QuantumGamer

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