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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – New Action Packed Videos

8 new videos and a host of screenshots related to the latest movie in the franchise.

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tayz1563d ago

i can't wait to watch this movie, it's going to be soo epic!!

Xof1561d ago

I wonder how many DB "fans" will be disappointed with the movie because its town is much more in line with the DB manga than the DBZ anime series.

kingrj1563d ago

This movie is going to leak, subbed, within 15 days. I will bet on it :)

KingKelloggTheWH1561d ago

Thats not a good thing, fans should want it to succeed.

Besides, I despise the J-dub for DBZ..

tayz1561d ago

it's sort of FUNimation's fault for not bringing it over here quicker. They should have released it simultaneously... it was common sense missed on their part

Saviior951561d ago

They need to wait for the film to actually be given a DVD release in Japan before they can even think about getting a cast together.

tayz1561d ago

if it does, i'm watching. but i will still buy the english version whenever it comes out in the USA to show my support!!

KingKelloggTheWH1561d ago

In regards to your reply, Funimation isnt the reason.It is because FOX owns the rights and delays it.

Deadpool6161561d ago

@KingKellogg TheWH

FOX should've been kicked in the ballz and have the rights to Dragon Ball taken away from them after Dragon Ball Evolution. The day FOX loses the rights, will be a great day to Dragon Ball fans.