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Legendary Mega Man Creator Keiji Inafune Starts Kickstarter Campaign, Project Called Mighty No. 9

Legendary Creator Keiji Inafune has recently started a new Kickstarter campaign, along with the equally legendary veteran developers of the same series. His newest project is called Mighty No. 9, which stars the versatile combat robot Beck.

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RedHawkX1752d ago

mighty number 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heavenly King1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

nice, we will get a proper "Megaman" game :D. If the game is funded, and successful, you can bet that Capcom will make Megaman 12 (13,14...35).

ajames3471752d ago

Haha I didn't even think of that. I wonder if Capcom would even have the money to fund another Mega Man game, though. They can't even fund another Street Fighter game sequel.

El_Colombiano1752d ago

Can I get a link showing they're broke? That I would love to read about

ajames3471752d ago

@El_Colombiano Here is the article:

Basically Ono stated in an interview that he wants to do another numbered Street Fighter game but can't because of lack of funds and staff.

Lord_Sloth1752d ago

What a hypocrite. He keeps complaining that Japanese style games have no place anymore and keeps making Japanese games.

Giru0171752d ago

It gets addressed in one of the FAQ's:
Q: "Isn’t Inafune always criticizing the Japanese game industry?"

A: "Mr. Inafune has never been one to be shy about his opinions, and as the Japanese game industry started shrinking (both in terms of international respect and in sales) over the last decade, he has continued to speak out on the reasons he sees behind the decline, and the ways he thought it might be fixed. The recurring themes of these remarks is to learn from and work with the West, embracing new ways of doing things in order to appeal to not just Japanese fans, but overseas gamers as well.

And that’s exactly what we are attempting to do here on Kickstarter; the time for talk is over—as Inafune himself was quoted saying, “Words are not enough, we must act and prove it.” It’s time to lead by example and inject some positivity into this topic. The hope of Mr. Inafune and all the creators and partners involved is that this project will be successful and not only allow us to make the great game we’re dreaming of making, but, with your help, we can also show other Japanese developers, and eventually maybe even the Japanese indie creator scene, that crowdfunding can be a viable option."