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Anime Is Both Hot and Bull

“Anime, in particular, is an embarrassment at the moment, and despite the popularity of cosplay among certain groups of people, there is no one who actually thinks it’s cool. Its cultural cachet is confined to a niche group and is considered a joke by outsiders.”

- “Strange Boutique (August 2013)” Clear and Refreshing – Pop, indie and underground music in Japan

"When you hear quotes like this, it puts things into perspective. What I’m about to tell you may hurt your dreams, but I feel that it needs to said. To anyone who wants to make a great impact in the anime and manga industries and doesn’t live in Japan, be extremely cautious and plan carefully. Otherwise, it will end up like writing your name on the Death Note and slowly awaiting your end. Anime is still hot, but it’s full of BS as well."

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yokohama45991719d ago

i understand the Hot part maybe but Bull ????