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“Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” Blu-ray Release Info

The highly anticipated “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” Blu-ray has been announced together with some additional information and a video preview. The Blu-ray is set to be released in two limited edition volumes by Bandai Visual, with the first volume including the first 25 episodes and the second volume including the rest of the show, episodes 26-49. Both Blu-ray releases will include a beautifully illustrated box cover, an audio drama CD titled “Blind-Target”, as well as a 32 page booklet, and audio commentary.

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OokuChicken1749d ago

This is pretty awesome. Wish they'd do a HD remake though, much like with what they did for SEED.

Hergula1749d ago

I fully support that, and hope that they will one day give Wing the HD treatment as well.

blitzburns41749d ago

Any news on Endless Waltz?

Hergula1748d ago

If I am not mistaking, Endless Waltz is already available on Blu-ray, as apart of special edition.

Altough I am not sure if those links are for the official blu-ray, or fan-reworked version of the movie.