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"Attack on Titan" Fans Unimpressed by Author's Ability to Sketch

There's room to debate how much Hajime Isayama's talent as an artist handicaps his work on the Attack on Titan manga. The art lead a panel of experts at San Diego Comic Con to label the series one of the year's worst series. Personally, I'd certainly say it has issues, but it's effectively able to convey his ideas and his otaku mind for details.

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Cybermario1719d ago

he is young and a new artist, i am sure he will improve.

worldwidegaming1719d ago

Any artist of worth will tell you just drawing something on the fly takes skill.This skill comes with age.
Many of them can draw but if your talking speed well most of them just draw a character
And then have the guys copy them (a lot of anime is done in korea.)
Its not a profitable business as people believe it to be.
Yeah, its pretty crappy but he sure did not draw the manga was people standing over him either...

Kruzy1719d ago

That's not true, if Anime wasn't a profitable business why would they continue making it, they make the most money with licenses example: Jinki: Extend cost only $91,000 to license while Kurau Phantom Memory cost $960,000 (Source: Wikipedia) so saying that one channel would want to license an Anime they pay at least around $100,000 and there are many channels that stream them + the streaming websites (like Crunchyroll) pay $1,000-$2,000 for each episode. And there still are many other things like Figurines, Games and other fan articles. So they really make profits even if they spend $100,000-$200,000 for each episode.

Also false is that Anime aren't done in Korea, they only have 1 week to make an Anime so they can't be sending it there and back again. You could also find videos on Youtube where they show how it's done. And mangakas aren't working on the Anime at all.

Conclusion: the Attack on Titan Manga has a great story but definitely lacks the art. It could have been more popular if the mangaka had more art skills but luckily the Anime helped raise the Manga's popularity and has more than doubled the volumes' sale.

Trunkz Jr1719d ago

Still better then what Togashi puts out....

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