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Is Cowboy Bebop Really As good As Everyone Makes It Out To Be?

Cowboy Bebop is well known as one of the greatest anime of the late 90s, and for good reason too! At the time there weren’t many shows that could offer comedy as well as serious undertones in a single package. When compared to the dark and serious undertones in Neon Genesis Evangelion or Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop seemed to be the lone title that could alleviate the anime industry and merge the two genres together so as to attract more people.

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blitzburns41682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Yes. It is. It's tied for my favorite anime ever. The only show that I thought was just as good as it (but not quite, we'll see once it finally finishes as the story's still incomplete currently.) was Black Lagoon. Though I also hold Wolf's Rain and Samurai Champloo (both spiritual successors by Bebop's creators.) in very high esteem as well.

Good article, though. I'm glad you, too, were able to enjoy it so much. The only winners here are us, and I'm happy for that. From Bebop, you can go in so many directions. It really is the perfect anime for newer fans. Most people, including those who have never seen an anime before, owes it to themselves to give this show (including the movie if they want) one watch. Those that don't are missing out.

CallDaCheeseBox1682d ago

I'm not going to go spouting that it is "THE BEST ANIME EVER!", but damn it was really good. In fact it was EXTREMELY good, but not perfect like some claim it to be. Is it a must-watch? Absolutely.

aridectel1681d ago

i found it meh, the action scene's were good but for the rest it was ok for me