Why Do People Like Bakemonogatari?

Frog-kun is baffled: how can a story that is so self-serving and pretentious – that goes out of its way to exclude its audience - become such a mainstream hit? This is not a hate post. It’s a post about extreme doubt and ambivalence.

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D3acon1744d ago

From the article it sounds like you do like the series but don't know why, otherwise why would you continue to watch it?

I can only speak for myself, but I enjoy the characters and art and how the story unfolds almost entirely through dialogue as well as their interaction between one another. There might be something deeper but I don't see it, I did notice that the afflicted individuals displayed what was possessing them either through how they dressed or their actions.

I do laugh sometimes as it does seem like it may be geared toward someone who has attention deficit disorder; with the camera switches every three seconds and occasional "fan service" or I would refer to pinup flash, then back to the dialogue.

I hope an english dubb will come out, but I do think they may have to change the dialogue to reflect a western audience without losing the meaning. If SGT. Frog can do it then they can do it. That's my 2 cents.

plmkoh1743d ago

From the original 13 episode series, I thought it was original and clever enough to warrant a watch, despite falling to many Anime cliche's the story was quite interesting. However by the time sequels upon sequels were released, what did make me stop watching it was the reappearing of old characters too often treading on the same jokes, same chliches and same fan-service. It just seems to me they are stuck in past success, and the ambitious became too conservative.