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Smell Like A Giant-Killing Soldier With Attack On Titan Perfume

Frank Inglese Writes:

The world of Anime and Manga is indeed a strange and scary one, especially when huge series’, much like Attack On Titan, decide to move into merchandising with what seems like no boundaries as to what they want or are willing to do. Well it has just been announced that three different perfumes are to be released, each of which reflect on a certain character from the hit Anime and Manga Attack On Titan. “Finally!” I screamed as I read this news “I can cloud myself in the smell of blood and iron! The ladies will love it!”, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one though. This is absolutely true by the way, the company making it has already said that the fragrances will be based on Eren, Mikasa and the crowd favourite Levi. Each are to have their own individual and unique scents.

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koga881713d ago

I have a feeling that proper smelling perfume would probably reek of sweat, dirt and probably a bit of corpse. Not sure how that would be enticing but hell, slap Attack on Titan on anything at the moment and it'll sell.

F-Inglese-941713d ago

You're absolutely right, man, the label is all that matters.

Subby1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Perfume actually smelling like blood, iron and dirt would be perfect for cosplay and would sell, too.

kingPoS1712d ago

The way anime is advertized in Japan is almost scary. lol

It's almost night and day from here in the west. Culture shock... yeah.

Leupac1711d ago

That said though, it would be nice if anime was advertised at least a little bit here. Aside from convention time, you don’t seem to be able to find much in the way of ads. Although I am in a part of the country with very few big cities, it may be different in other areas.

Leupac1711d ago

I’m definitely a little worried about what these would actually smell like. Probably because I would consider buying it and I’d have to try it out at least once.