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Anime vs Visual Novels – Why We Need More Translators

James Mapley writes:

Anime fans, we watch a metric ton of anime on a frequent basis, but some days you’ll find that anime just doesn’t cut it. Maybe nothing will leap out at you, maybe you’ve just watched a terrible show (School Days) and don’t want to watch anything else for a while. When this happens, where do you turn?

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militissanctus1742d ago

Interesting. I certainly agree that we need more translators from Japanese. I've never tried out these visual novels before, though.

Tony-Red-Grave1742d ago

I recommend trying the one in the picture is called katawa shoujo. It's free and it's complete ^_^

koga881742d ago

I'd love to see some more visual novels brought over to English. Hell a lot of the anime we get is an adaptation of a visual novel. Even Majikoi as mentioned in the article is a hell of a lot deeper than the anime ever lets on. I think part of the problem is piracy and the cost of licensing the various things though. Even at its best there are only two companies that release official english versions of VNs nowadays, and a ton of those are simply Nukige with little to no story.

Subby1742d ago

VNs are taking a long time to gain traction in the West. Partly because people don't know about them and partly because they don't want to sit through 30+ hours of clicking text.
They're a lot more emotionally involving than manga, anime or light novels IMO.