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Preparing For Pokemon X and Y

Frank Inglese Writes:

“Hello there! Welcome to Capsule Computers! My name is Frank! People call me…Frank“…Ok, granted, I’m not as good Professor Oak at this whole “introduction” thing, which is great news because I’m not here to introduce you to anything, instead I’m here to help you along with your Pokemon X and Y preparations! People, we have a little under a month until this game is release, if you haven’t started preparing for your next extraordinary Pokemon adventure; I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed…but don’t be upset for too long because I’m here to get you on your way while also getting myself ready for the release of the game.We’re going to go through some of my key points in an attempt to be 100% ready for the game ahead while also having a little fun. Shall we begin? Alright! “This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokemon. For some people, Pokemon are pets, others use them for fights, Myself? I study Pokemon as a profession!” – P. Oak.

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koga881713d ago

Thanks to the latest second evolutions of the starters, it has helped nail home the fact that I'm going to be picking the fire time again this time around, though I'm curious about what the third evolution will finally end up being.