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The Duchess of Kiev: An Astharoshe Asran Cosplay

Who says only men can rule a kingdom? Well, Astharoshe Asran from the anime series Trinity Blood shows the men that woman can be sexy and still help run a kingdom. Astharoshe Asran, aka Astha, is the Duchess of Kiev and the Viscountess of Odessa. She is a very direct, no-nonsense woman. She doesn’t like being referred to as a “vampire”. This is mainly because when she was sent on a mission with her partner Father Abel, to hunt down the mass-murderer/vampire Endre Kourza after he attacked a kingdom and killed many humans along with her lover, the Countess Len Yearnoshe. She went on a rampage and it ended with a lot of deaths. From then on, the destruction that a vampire could cause pained her and changed her opinion on vampires to a negative. She says she would rather be considered a Methuselah.

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