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Final Fantasy XV To Skip Tokyo Game Show 2013

Following on from its huge showing and revival at E3 2013, many thought Square Enix would now regularly show Final Fantasy XV. That doesn’t seem to be the case as Director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed there will be no new details for Final Fantasy XV at TGS 2013.

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koga881737d ago

Not much of a surprise really. Look how long it took them just to change the number from Versus XIII to XV.

wishingW3L1737d ago

it seems this game is nowhere near completion.

Kluv1737d ago

I honestly think it's ok. They really showed A TON of progress from the original debut. I'm satisfied because I can tell the the vision of the game hasn't been compromised at all despite the long development process. I now know that whatever is happening behind the scenes is definitely pushing the game in the right direction. Also, I think it's fair to give lightning returns and XIV reborn a chance for the limelight. XV would kind of over shadow all of those.

LoneWolf0191736d ago

And so the 7 year wait for ff15 begins a new