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Atlus Is Becoming Part of Sega

Atlus will soon be a Sega brand, reports Japan's Nikkei.

The Japanese news source reports that there have been substantial steps forward for Index Corporation (Atlus' parent company) to transfer management control over to Sega Sammy Holdings (Sega's parent company).

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slinky1234561738d ago

SO disappointed. Less games will release here for sure now.

caseh1738d ago

A little unexpected, it wasn't long ago that Sega were closing offices and cancelling new IPs to focus on well established titles (Sonic as per usual).

Downside to this is Sega never seem to localise games for like a year after Japan has it, by which time a sequel is only a matter of weeks away. Either that or it doesn't get localised at all...*cough* Yakuza 5

KillaManiac1737d ago

O we can get all these games that will be too niche to come out here. Still surprised they brought Hatsune Miku Project F here for PS3.

Valk Chronicles 3
Yakuza 5
Phantasy Star Online 2 (announced for NA but frozen status well over year ago)

dun dun dunnnnnnn