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YuruYuri Season 1 Premium Edition Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"A simple slice of life anime can be hard to appreciate and for every five anime fans that may appreciate the genre, there are another five who may find it boring or unimaginative. Comedic slice of life anime can be just as divisive as ones sense of humor can either leave viewers with their sides hurting after an episode or leave viewers staring blankly at the screen. Two years ago, YuruYuri seemed like a series that would never hit English speaking shores, but NIS America has brought this yuri-tinted slice of life to the States and now that the first season has been released, is it worth picking up?"

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koga881704d ago

I'm still surprised this got released over here, but happily so. I'm really hoping this does well enough to warrant more little slice of life series that are often overlooked, such as GJ-bu, getting licensed.

Subby1704d ago

Hope this sells well, this was a great gag/slice-of-life show. North America is lucky to get this.

Subby1704d ago

Also, forgot. TOSHINO KYOUKO!