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Series Review: Watamote! | A Certain Blogging Tobiichi

"So sad, so sad. It's a sad-sad situation..." (Spoiler Free Review)

Tobiichi Karlsson reviews Watamote! from the view-point of someone who is a big fan of the original manga it's based on. Saying that it remains strong for the most part, but suffers some boredom towards the middle.

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D3acon1675d ago

great series, can't wait for season 2, I even subscribed to receive the manga.

deep_fried_bum_cake1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I've really dropped the anime ball this season. I've only watched 5 episodes of this so far but I've enjoyed it despite it being as awkward as anime comes. The only ones I've kept up with are Blood Lad and TWGOK.

I'll really need to find the time to catch up and finish this. Hopefully by this time next year I'll have a good honours degree which will be completely useless as I'll have the time available to work myself into an coma induced by an anime overdose.

DivineHand1251674d ago

I saw the entire series but i didn't enjoy it. The main character did not develop in anyway shape or form from the first episode. The personalities of the other classmates were not believable, if anything you could say all the other girls were the same person with just a different skin. You can also say the same for the boys. The series just left me to believe that she is done for and it will not be possible for her to blend into society when she leaves school.