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5 Most Bizzare Anime Titles

Like all media, a title for a certain series or movie can normally outline the main plot line for it. For starters, in the western media you have series called "Breaking Bad" (where the protagonist literally becomes the antagonist and therefore "breaks bad") or "How I met your mother" which tells the story of Ted and his troubles finding "the one". Even movies like Avatar or Finding Nemo are quite self explanatory.

Then you move onto anime which for the most part are pretty good with their titles. Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan and Naruto are all nice and easy titles which are concise and straight to the point. Dragon Ball's are the most powerful relics in the universe which everyone strives to collect, Attack on Titan tells the story of Eren and humanity's fight against huge titan's and Naruto is the name of the protagonist.

But of course certain titles slip by which may make your brain take a double turn...

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