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Why Attack on Titan Reminds me of Naruto

Talk about a way to take the anime world by storm because this is what these two animes did. They introduced two absolutely simple topics, added epic background music and voila - 8+ ratings in imdb.

Mirey is sure she isn't the only one, who thinks Attack on Titan and Naruto are very similar. Of course she is not comparing both art and storyline. It's all because of the characters. Character-wise both animes have a stereotype overload, which creates matches to most of the main characters. Let's list them.

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blitzburns41657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Naruto is an inferior product compared to Attack on Titan. It isn't even a matter of opinion; I've read hundreds of fiction novels over my life, and I can say with a good degree of certainty that the story of Naruto is fundamentally flawed. In addition, Attack on Titan exceeds Naruto in nearly every aspect. Now, is it possible to enjoy a show regardless of it's fundamental flaws? Sure. But don't go ahead and draw comparisons from two shows of totally different genres and tiers- as that entire argument is illogical.

Keep in mind. Even if you disagree with me, (Which is fine as we're all entitled to opinions.) please keep in mind Naruto is a shonen and Attack on Titan is a seinen. Their target audiences and goals are completely different. (But, obviously not mutually exclusive.)

However, if you want to draw parallels between the shows; I could see that. But a comparison? Please. Now, if this article was a comparison of Attack on Titan vs. Claymore; or even Beserk...Now THAT would make a much more interesting article. (At least to me.)