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Top 12: Best Original, Not Adapted, Anime

It's something of a truism that most anime is adapted from something -- typically a manga, sometimes a light novel, occasionally another source of inspiration. But some anime are created as entirely original projects for the screen, whether it's the big one or the little one. Here's some of the best such creations. (Culture)

CLOUD1983  +   697d ago
Gurren Lagann & Evangelion deserve to be higher this 2 is some of the best original-story anime I have ever see, & I have watch almost all the good shows out there.
blitzburns4  +   691d ago
Isn't Ninja Scroll an original creation as well? Wikipedia states it's influenced by Futaro Yamada's Ninpōchō series of ninja novels- but states nothing of Ninja Scroll actually being part of that series.


If this is the case then it should be on the list as well. Nina Scroll is one of my favorites!

Edit: I didn't see Wolf's Rain or Samurai Champloo on the list, either...But they're both spiritual successors (One by the director and one by practically everyone else involved.) to Cowboy Bebop so yeah.

Edit 2: And what about Darker Than Black, Requiem for the Phantom... or Night Raid 1931? Hell, what about all the Gundams or Escaflowne?
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