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The American Perception of Anime: Blood, Legs, and Language

Anime has gotten a bad name in American society, and this is why.

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andron6661690d ago

Because sensationalist tabloids have focused on the most extreme cases and completely ignored the breadth of content available?

And it doesn't help that most publicly known anime are usually kids shows...

drizzom1690d ago

This is true. Most people who 'drink from the mainstream' are often fed an impression of anime that is focused on the more 'kneejerk' aspects of it. So everyone constantly has a negative image of it only because they were shown its not so bright side.

drizzom1690d ago

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TheArtifice1689d ago

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drizzom1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

@TheArtifice Ah I see. Thanks for all the hard work! Best of luck to you all.