PETA Releases 2nd Pokemon Game Parody

Pokémon: Red, White, and Blue combines Pokémon, McDonald's food

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tayz1715d ago

lol i took the time to play this lol

ExCest1714d ago

Why the hell is the second language Chinese? Wouldn't they put it as, I don't know, Japanese for a parody of a Japanese game?

Just wondering.

tayz1714d ago

lol those peta people probably think pokemon is Chinese. i always hear people say "chinese" to anybody that looks even a little bit asian

dennett3161714d ago

It's good to hear that all animal cruelty has been stopped worldwide. I mean, that's it isn't it? Otherwise, why would they continue to waste their time and resources on such stupid ideas as this? If they have time to waste on digital animals, then all the real animals must be safe, right?
It's a glorious day.

abc12331714d ago

To try and convince the younger generation that eating animals is wrong by relating it to their favourite game which has animals in it? It's not really a waste of money, it's just one way they hope to achieve their goals. Still pretty ridiculous though.

Lord_Sloth1714d ago

PETA...What a useless organization...

noxeven1713d ago

Wasn't impressed seriously shock value video and a cheesy flash game. peta needs to really think over their marketing stragie

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