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5 Great Animes Like Bleach

A true Bleach fan simply can't get enough of the series. They wait each week for every new anime episode or manga chapter. However, sadly, all good things must end and Bleach is nearing its stopping point as the mangaka Tite Kubo announced awhile ago. Though in the manga they was just drawing it out by going on hiatus. However, after Bleach is over and done with, or while you find yourself waiting for the next bit to come out, there is tons of other anime series out there to fill the void.

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wishingW3L1678d ago

Bleach a great anime? lol no

Decent at best.

colonel1791678d ago

It used to be great, but I guess Tite Kubo didn't develop the story as it should have and it went all over the place. Now it looks like things happen just for the sake to tell something, instead of having continuity and consistency.

Baka-akaB1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Meh even before that it's not as if the old anime ever captured it right . Not only did it have the most atrocious fillers among all shonen shows ... but even keys moments and scenes lacked oomph and epicness compared to the manga . They mostly blew their budget on nice and stylized opening sequences

Decent at best , and mostly for truly late canon big fights

thehitman1678d ago

I agree bleach always lacked that oomph every action scene was boring and short and quick to the point. There are only few of them that are worth mentioning. They always failed to give each character sequence enough time to develop. The most epic fight Ulquiorra vs Ichigo was so 1 sided after all that build up it wasn't even interesting. All the arcs seem rushed and like you said baka the fillers omg they were so bad and there so many of them I think they had more shows in fillers than the actual real story line.

gaffyh1678d ago

The canon parts are great, with the exception of the last arc.

spicelicka1678d ago

The first conflict where they introduced soul society and the captains and aizen, that was amazing. The whole arc was great as well, they only problem was no one died after alll that. Only Ichimaru and Tousen died from the captains, so it wasn't tense enough.

italkgame1677d ago

The "Save Rukia Arc" was great then things slowly but surely became generic

Qrphe1677d ago

It's a shounen. Vast majority of modern shounen (except for One Piece) are pretty bland.

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Baka-akaB1678d ago

Rofl that article is horrible crap anyway , weither its serious or attempt at humor .

"D.Gray Man
Like Bleach But Less Well Known"

"Yu Yu Hakusho
The Bleach Before Bleach"

The Dark Bleach"

It's insulting for every show involved .

DestinyHeroDoomlord1678d ago

Claymore was awesome... the end wasn't

Lord_Sloth1678d ago

Manga's still going. Give it a read.

yaz2881677d ago

bleach was not the best show ever and it was kinda shit but I really fucking miss it. I want the show back in my life.