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Hajime No Ippo – Rising Episode 3 Impressions [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

Ippo’s fight against Shimabukuro is now over and the episode begins with his recovery after the fight in the last episode. For the first five minutes of the episode Ippo is asleep and the audience is introduced/reintroduced to three lovely ladies who all have “a thing” for Ippo and that’s where we get the title of the episode “A Woman’s Battle”. They fight amongst themselves for a little bit until Ippo’s mum intervenes and proves to the audience that, no matter what, SHE is the true woman in his life. Although she hates watching his fights because “why would I pay money to watch my son get hurt”, she continues to help him recover and to enjoy his time out of the ring. Ippo’s mum, somewhat, keeps him grounded and in a state of peacefully recovery when not fighting and you can really see it makes a big impact on his life considering he’s up and running within no time.

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masterabbott1705d ago

this is one of my fav anime shows at the moment!

F-Inglese-941704d ago

The animation is fantastic and it sticks to what Hajime No Ippo knows best.

Deadpool6161704d ago

Hajime no Ippo is one of the best anime series I've ever watched. I'm surprised no North American company has picked it up since Geneon went under.